The Inexplicable Hurts My Head.

Gas Powered Scooter

Gas Powered Scooter

For the past two days, some kid has been zipping around our neighborhood on a gas powered scooter. Hence, today’s tweet:

6/15. Scooters that sound like gas (i.e., farting) are wack. Retire that shit.

Later, as I was entering my local 7-11, I noticed another gas powered scooter parked in front of the store. As I tried to take a photo of it, the owner walked it off the curb and said to me: “Did you get your lawn mower working?” He then sped off in a direction away from my house.

I did not recognize him as a neighbor, yet he stated a recent and inconvenient fact about my mower. It doesn’t work. Moreover, the gentleman at the repair shop said the model had been recalled.

How did the stranger on an annoying scooter know about my defunct mower?

The inexplicable hurts my head.


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1 Response to The Inexplicable Hurts My Head.

  1. Dan Sorensen says:

    Of equal importance and without being said, such scooters lack legit style and swag.

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