“Why Would I Pay Someone to Cook Shitty Food for Me?” (Mi Casa Too, This Means You.)

I’ve been thinking about how to come up with a fair criterion by which to judge a restaurant worthy of receiving our family’s business.

My contention: If one’s family is to give up the significance of the focal practice of preparing a family dinner together each night, then the restaurant one’s family chooses for a meal must provide the family with a distinctive, significant dining experience to make the trade-off worthwhile.

In this connection, my mind keeps revisiting the experience of eating dinner at a good friend’s house in the woods. The food was good. It was prepared with care. Knowing already that he was witty and could entertain but not knowing that he had skills in the kitchen, I said to him, “X, when did you first get into cooking?” X’s answer: “When I realized that I already know how to cook shitty food. Why would I pay someone to cook shitty food for me?”

Hence, the following criteria stem from X’s original insight, “Why pay for bad food/service?” will be the standard by which I review and judge Reno restaurant service and food quality in this/my eventually updated blog. Know that I’m not opposed to eating out. I’m just opposed to having what passes for good counting as what’s really good. If I’m spending money and going out to eat, then it better be something better than I could do myself–i.e., create both a better meal and a better dining experience than I could do myself.

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In general, concerned with excellence. In particular: Opinions. Food. Artistic Process. Customer Service. Music. Media. Bullshit.
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