First Set of Questions/Comments for NSHE.

Obviously, more research and precise formulations of the questions/comments are needed. But for now:

1. Does NSHE think that academic free speech in NV allows for adjuncts to assemble and question their collective experience of and treatment by NSHE and its institutions?

2. If academic free speech in NV covers adjunct discussions of NSHE treatment of adjuncts, is such speech a sufficient cause for termination of employment under NV’s status as an “employment-at-will” state?

3. Every member of the Board of Regents should provide an answer as to whether adjunct employment by NSHE should be bound by the “employment-at-will” condition of NV labor law as a “right to work” state. Essentially, this is a questions about where one stands on the issue of what it takes (i.e., sacrifices of time, money, and emotional and physical health) to be an educator. (v1.1)


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