Adjunct Row is a Tough Row to Hoe.

1. Most “full-time” faculty have access to labor problem resolution through collective bargaining rights. Some adjuncts have no such access.

2. While using adjunct labor to meet institutional monetary goals, academic institutions in right to work states, at the same time, do not afford adjuncts any right to safe and regular employment. The “right” for an adjunct to back out of an employment agreement with an academic employer in a right to work is professional suicide. On the other hand, an academic institution can choose to not “reappoint” an adjunct according to its own policies and administrative judgments and justifications.

3. I just now remembered learning about a disturbing employment practice in hiring adjunct labor from a conversation with a full-time colleague. It will require further investigation (and a follow-up with X). Because X was in charge of scheduling classes, I asked X for a regular set of courses at max adjunct .FTE. X said that it wasn’t possible to provide me with a regular set of courses at max adjunct .FTE, and that there is an administrative movement to make adjuncts reapply each semester to regain employment teaching. What’s the administrative rational behind such an employment practice?

4. Commute time to several campuses in order to make a livable wage is also time away from family, preparation, and teaching, and also costs money that can be put to better ends. Commuting is also an additional sedentary element to a mostly sedentary profession.

5. Some academic institutions don’t allow adjuncts to choose their own texts when teaching a course.   Yet, at the same time, full-time faculty are allowed to choose their own texts when teaching the very same course.

6. Some academic institutions do not have an accurate, reliable, and fair way of evaluating adjunct teaching to use as a factor in deciding whether to reappoint an adjunct to teach classes.



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