Socrates is Totally Adjunct…

He’d also probably say something like the following about/to academic administrators…

1. “From me you will hear the whole truth, though not, by Zeus, gentlemen, expressed in embroidered and stylized phrases like theirs, but things spoken at random and expressed in the first words that come to mind, for I put my trust in the justice of what I say, and let none of you  expect anything else.” (Apology 24, Grube)

(Adjuncts are educated and concerned with using language to communicate knowledge in order to teach students; administrators are educated and are concerned with using language in order to justify policies that serve their monetary interests to other administrators.)

2. “You say that you have discovered the one who corrupts them, namely me, and you bring me here and accuse me to the jury.” (Apology 30, Grube)

(Adjunct teaching is claimed to be–without an eye to the larger adjunct predicament–a reason for why students aren’t learning as much as they should be. Rather: it’s administrative policies and organizational values that have lost sight of student needs and the educator’s institutional primacy over the administrator. I’m all for “accountability”–both academic and administrative.)



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